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Facility Toolkit for Engaging Families in Their Child's Education at a Juvenile Justice Facility

Publication year: 2012
Thumbnail preview 'This Facility Toolkit is designed for facility and school administrators. It provides tools they can use to promote family involvement in a facility school. The tools are intended to be used to help encourage families'including those who are reluctant, fearful, or unprepared'to become more involved and to encourage staff'including those who are doubtful, cynical, or unprepared'to persist in their efforts to engage families. Although the primary audience for this toolkit is facility and school administrators, other stakeholders including parent advocates, family organizations, and the court also may use these tools when working with facilities and families' (p. 1). Tools for families are the 'Family Guide' (NIC accession no. 026657), sample letter to parents, 'List of Staff at [Name of Juvenile Justice Facility] contact list template, sample 'Parent and Family Questionnaire' education questionnaire with cover letter, and family tip sheet. Tools for facilities are facility and staff tip sheet on engaging families, 'Self-Assessment Tool'Indicators of Evidence', and 'Family Engagement Planner'.