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A Human Rights Approach to Prison Management: Handbook for Prison Staff|Second Edition

Publication year: 2009
Thumbnail preview International standards regarding prison management and prisoners' rights are explained. 'This handbook is intended to assist everyone who has anything to do with prisons ' The topics covered in the handbook demonstrate the complexity of prison management and the wide range of skills which are required from those whose task it is to direct prisons. The issues covered show that there is a common set of factors which, when taken together, constitute a model for good prison management' (p. 7). Twenty sections comprise this manual: introduction; the principles of good prison management; prison staff and the administration of prisons; total prohibition of torture; the dignity of the person; prisoners and health care; operating secure, safe, and orderly prisons; management of high security prisoners; disciplinary procedures and punishments; constructive activities and social reintegration; contact with the outside world; foreign national prisoners; requests and complaints; recognizing diversity; inspection procedures; pre-trial prisoners and all others under detention without sentence; juvenile and young prisoners; women prisoners; life and long term prisoners; and prisoners under sentence of death. An appendix provides a list of relevant human rights instruments.