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On the Chopping Block 2012: State Prison Closings

Publication year: 2012

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  • 2012
  • 12 pages
Thumbnail preview The closing of state prisons is examined. “In 2012, at least six states have closed 20 prison institutions or are contemplating doing so, potentially reducing prison capacity by over 14,100 beds and resulting in an estimated $337 million in savings. During 2012, Florida led the nation in prison closings with its closure of 10 correctional facilities; the state’s estimated cost savings for prison closings total over $65 million” (p. 1). Sections of this report address: basis for closures—reduction in state prison populations and state sentencing reforms; opportunities created by excess capacity—selling extra capacity, repurposing prisons, and challenges in closing prisons; continued efforts to expand capacity; and creating opportunity by reducing incarceration. A chart shows the correctional facility name, operational capacity and year closed (2011-2012) by state.