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Arrest Histories of Adolescent Male Domestic Violence Offenders in New York City

Publication year: 2011

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  • 2011
  • 77 pages
“This study examined arrests of young adolescent males for domestic violence [DV] offenses in New York City. We focused on identifying arrests at very young ages in order to describe the types of domestic violence adolescent males are charged with, and to determine how arrests for domestic violence at very young ages influence patterns of arrest for domestic violence during later adolescence. An understanding of these patterns may shed some light on the possibilities for criminal justice interventions to prevent subsequent arrests for domestic violence as these adolescent males enter their 20s and 30s” (p. 52). Sections contained in this report include: introduction; methodology; a portrait of adolescent male arrestees—description of juvenile and adult arrest histories, and the relationship between them; arrest histories of adult adolescent males—first adult arrest, first adult domestic violence arrest, and first adult intimate partner violence arrest; recidivism among adolescent male DV arrestees—post-disposition re-arrest rates, re-arrest for a new DV offense among first-time adult DV arrestees, and re-arrest for a new DV offense among first-time adult intimate partner violence arrestees; and conclusion—major findings, discussion, and conclusion. It appears that “early intervention with JD [juvenile delinquent] DV cases, particularly cases of parent-sibling violence, does not seem likely to reduce the likelihood of arrest for adult intimate partner violence” (p. 53).