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Pennsylvania’s Juvenile Justice System Enhancement Strategy

Publication year: 2012
Thumbnail preview If you are looking for solutions for problems within your juvenile justice system, you should read this monograph. “This document is designed to assist juvenile justice stakeholders throughout the Commonwealth [of Pennsylvania] in implementing strategies that are grounded in evidence based practices (EBP) and that aim to enhance youth’s competencies and to change youthful behavior that leads to unlawful acts. Consistent with Pennsylvania’s balanced and restorative justice (BARJ) mission, EBP seeks to prevent delinquency and out-of-home placement by working with juveniles to reduce their risk of recidivism and to enhance those protective factors that result in a law-abiding life. JJSES [Juvenile Justice System Enhancement Strategy] is the framework within which EBP will become a reality in Pennsylvania’s juvenile justice system” (p. 4). Sections of this monograph explain: the JJSES strategy; the application of EBP to juvenile justice; Stage One—Readiness; Stage Two—Initiation; Stage Three—Behavioral Change; Stage Four—Refinement; and key JJSES building blocks.