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Riverside County Kiosk Reporting Program

Publication year: 2012

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  • 2012
  • 4 minutes + 2 pages
This kiosk client reporting system has resulted in a 91% success rate for clients reporting on time or as specified. “In an effort to maintain updated and accurate information on offenders deemed to be low risk, the Riverside County Probation Department developed the Automated Kiosk Reporting Program. The program allows these offenders to report via kiosk rather than in person. The kiosk gathers information from the client to include current address, phone number, whether or not they have had law enforcement contact, and employment information. Additionally, it allows for probation officers to give the client individualized messages. While the kiosk was initially designed to serve clients on banked caseloads, probation officers who supervise conventional caseloads are finding it a useful tool they can use to help manage their caseloads more effectively and efficiently. Since the program's inception more than 1,200 clients have been set up for kiosk reporting, and more than 90 percent are reporting on time and as directed. Overall, the program has proven to be an extremely successful offender monitoring tool for the Probation Department.” The first link is to a video describing the kiosk program. The second link is to the report “California State Association of Counties (CSAC) Challenge Awards” which explains how the Riverside County created the award winning kiosk reporting system.