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Document 027109
Tinkering with Life: A Look at the Inappropriateness of Life Without Parole as an Alternative to the Death Penalty
By Nellis, Ashley.
Problems with and suggested solutions for the increased use of life without parole (LWOP) are discussed. This article is divided into six sections: the rise of LWOP sentences; causes for LWOP expansion—tough on crime, repeal of the death penalty, public mistrust, and promotion of LWOP as a replacement for the death penalty; what is wrong with LWOP—lack of heightened review, mandatory sentences, and racial disparity; LWOP as an inappropriate alternative to the death penalty; suggestions for refor... Read More
20 pages
Document 027635
Life Goes On: The Historic Rise in Life Sentences in America
By Nellis, Ashley; Chung, Jean. The Sentencing Project (Washington, DC).
“The lifer population has more than quadrupled in size since 1984. One in nine people in prison is now serving a life sentence and nearly a third of lifers will never have a chance at a parole hearing; they are certain to die in prison. This analysis documents long-term trends in the use of life imprisonment as well as providing empirical details for the offenses that comprise the life-sentenced population” (p. 1). This report contains these sections: introduction and key findings; the rise in l... Read More
34 pages
Document 024165
Back on Track: Supporting Youth Reentry from Out-of-Home Placement to the Community
By Nellis, Ashley; Wayman, Richard Hooks; Schirmer, Sarah. U.S. Dept. of Justice. Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. Youth Reentry Task Force (Washington, DC); National Alliance to End Homelessness (Washington, DC); The Sentencing Project (Washington, DC).
“Public safety is compromised when youth leaving out-of-home placements are not afforded necessary supportive services upon reentering their communities and are therefore at great risk to recidivate into criminal behavior” (p. 5). This report provides guidance and recommendations for achieving successful reentry services and programs. Sections following an executive summary are: introduction; characteristics of reentry youth; collateral consequences associated with out-of-home placement; essenti... Read More
48 p.
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