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Document 027437
Arrest Data Analysis Tool
By Snyder, Howard N.; Mulako-Wangota, Joseph. U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics (Washington, DC).
“This dynamic data analysis tool allows you to generate tables and graphs of arrests from 1980 onward. You can view national arrest estimates, customized either by age and sex or by age group and race, for many different offenses. This tool also enables you to view local arrests. Select “National Estimates” or “Agency-Level Counts” from the menu above. Use the “Annual Tables” to view tables of arrests broken down by sex, race, age, or juvenile and adult age groups. Select “Trend Tables by Sex” o... Read More
Document 027689
Trends in U.S. Corrections
The Sentencing Project (Washington, DC).
This is a great set of charts showing various correctional trends. Charts show: U.S. state and federal prisons population, 1925-2012; international rates of incarceration, 2011; federal and state prison population by offense, 2011; state expenditures on corrections, 1985-2010; population under control of the U.S. corrections system, 1980 and 2010; number of people in prisons and jails for drug offenses, 1980 and 2011; number of people in federal prisons for drug offenses, 1980-2010; number of wo... Read More
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