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Document 027874
Environmental Scan 2013
National Institute of Corrections Information Center (Aurora, CO).
“Beginning in the late 1990’s, the National Institute of Corrections (NIC) Information Center began scanning social, economic and corrections issues to inform the development of programs and services offered by NIC. This report, now in its 8th edition, has continued to evolve into a popular tool corrections practitioners also use to inform their work in jails, prisons and community corrections. Since there are many issues beyond what is addressed in this environmental scan that potentially will ... Read More
34 pages
Document 027545
Flow Charts of Jail Procedures: Health Intake, Assessment, and Routine Care Procedures in County Jails
By Barton, Keith; Dubose, Michael; Harrison, Edward. Community Oriented Correctional Health Services (COCHS) (Oakland, CA).
Materials on this website address the issue of health care service provision in many county jails. Access is provided to: “ Health Intake, Assessment, and Routine Care Processes in County Jails: A Brief Overview for a NACo Webinar Presented on February 24, 2012”; and a series of flow charts for the Intake Process, Sick Call, and Discharge Planning.... Read More
Document 003372
Proceedings of the Large Jail Network Meeting, July 11-13, 1993, Denver, Colorado
National Institute of Corrections Jails Division (Longmont, CO).
Two main topics were the focus of this meeting: the privatization of corrections and the special needs of women offenders in jails. Presentations on privatization addressed contracting out specific services as well as the issue of full-scale management of correctional facilities. The health care needs of women in jail were addressed by two physicians who direct jail health services. Another major session was devoted to the need for special programming for women in jail.... Read More
63 p.
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