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Document 023882
Inmate Behavior Management: The Key to a Safe and Secure Jail
By Hutchinson, Virginia; Keller, Kristin; Reid, Thomas. National Institute of Corrections. Jails Division (Washington, DC).
This guide “presents six key elements that, in combination, will help jails reduce a wide array of negative, destructive, and dangerous inmate behavior” (p. v). These elements are: assessing risk and needs; assigning inmates to housing; meeting inmates’ basic needs; defining and conveying expectations for inmate behavior; supervising inmates; and keeping inmates productively occupied.... Read More
16 p.
Document 020750
Project Guide: Objective Classification Analysis
By Rubin, Ira. National Institute of Corrections. Native American and Alaskan Technical Assistance Project (NAATAP) (Washington, DC); U.S. Bureau of Justice Assistance (Washington, DC). Justice Planners International (JPI) (Demarest, NJ).
The use of an objective classification system (OCS) is described. This guide explains: classification analysis in general; designing a classification system; benefits of implementing a classification system; potential drawbacks of objective classification; some additional considerations; identifying individuals with substance abuse/dependence issues; and balancing objectivity and practicality.... Read More
17 p.
Document 020030
Resource Guide for Jail Administrators
By Martin, Mark D.; Rosazza, Thomas A.. National Institute of Corrections (Washington, DC). National Institute of Corrections. Jails Division (Longmont, CO).
A guide "developed to enhance the leadership skills, knowledge, and capabilities of jail administrators on issues of basic jail administration" is presented (p. v). Fourteen chapters comprise this guide: introduction; role, purpose, and characteristics of the jail; administration; facilities; staffing and scheduling; staff recruiting, selection, and retention; staff training; security, safety, and emergency preparedness; inmate behavior management; inmate discipline and grievance; special manag... Read More
305 p.
Document 019259
Issues in Jail Operations, 2003: Perspectives from State Jail Inspection Agencies
By Clem, Connie; Sheanin, Dave. National Institution of Corrections. Jails Division (Longmont, CO). LIS, Inc. (Longmont, CO); National Institute of Corrections Information Center (Longmont, CO).
"[A]reas in which jails tend to be deficient, suggesting the need for new or revised forms of NIC assistance" are identified (p.2). Issues examined include: age of facilities; accreditation; compliance with policy and procedure standards; adequacy of policy and procedure manuals; adequacy of staffing; staff turnover; compliance with staffing standards; compliance with staff training standards; exceeding capacity; coordinating councils; pretrial services programs; availability of specific pretria... Read More
27 p.
Document 014373
Objective Jail Classification Systems: A Guide for Jail Administrators
By Austin, James. National Institute of Corrections (Washington, DC). National Institute of Corrections (Washington, DC).
Objective jail classification (OJC) is a process of assessing every jail inmate's custody and program needs and is considered one of the most important management tools available to jail administrators and criminal justice system planners. An effective system of inmate classification will reduce escapes and escape attempts, suicides and suicide attempts, and inmate assaults. OJC systems use locally developed and validated instruments, one at intake and another after a period of confinement, that... Read More
72 p.
Document 013768
Women in Jail: Classification Issues
By Brennan, Tim; Austin, James. National Institute of Corrections (Washington, DC). National Institute of Corrections (Washington, DC).
The authors examine issues related to classification of female jail inmates by profiling the female inmate population and discussing problems associated with using a single classification system for both male and female inmates or a gender-neutral system. This document also provides guidelines for designing a classification system specifically for women. ... Read More
23 p.
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