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Document 019856
Building Agency Success: Developing an Effective FTO/OJT Training Program [Videoconference Held August 17-19, 2004]
National Institute of Corrections Academy (Longmont, CO).
This 3-day broadcast program provides participants with the knowledge and skills to develop a formal on-the-job training (OJT) program for new employees based on a corrections-specific FTO model. It includes using the FTO task-specific format, developing FTO modules, conducting proficiency tests, and implementing a formal FTO teaching process. Each participant will develop an FTO module as part of the training. Several demonstrations of the FTO format and teaching process are provided. This ... Read More
3 DVDs (888 min.) + 1 CD-ROM
Document 019183
Effective Retraining: Fun, Focused, Fresh! [Participant's Manual]
National Institute of Corrections Academy (Longmont, CO); U.S. Dept. of Justice. Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (Washington, DC).
The need for and process of retraining in an organization are discussed during this 3-hour workshop. Topics covered include: what does retraining look like in your organization?; benefits of refresher/in-service training; philosophy of adult education and its application to retraining; addressing four basic questions adults bring to training; and development of individual commitment statements. ... Read More
29 p.
Document 019124
Building New Employee Success with an Effective Field Training Officer (FTO) Program [Videoconference Held August 20, 2003]
National Institute of Corrections Academy (Longmont, CO).
This program explores the development of a formal new employee on-the-job (OTJ) program based on a corrections-specific FTO model. This broadcast covers:
  • Assessing the current FTO program;
  • The FTO task-specific format;
  • Developing FTO models;
  • Conducting proficiency tests;
  • And the formal FTO teaching process.
  • Several demonstrations of the FTO format and teaching process are also included. This DVD can be used in conjunction with NIC accession nos. 019008 and 020603.... Read More
    1 DVD (133 min.)
    Document 009715
    Medical Record Documentation for Correctional Health Care Professionals
    By Hayward, Joan. National Institute of Corrections (Washington, DC). Oregon Dept. of Corrections. Health Services Division (Salem, OR).
    Designed to orient new health care employees and to provide ongoing annual review, this four-hour training curriculum discusses the importance of maintaining complete medical records on patients/inmates. Performance objectives include: discussing purposes and uses of medical records; describing the components of the problem oriented medical record; demonstrating proper charting techniques; and describing methods used in the maintenance of medical records for correctional facilities. The curricu... Read More
    96 p.
    Document 009714
    Health and Safety in the Prison Environment
    By Norman, Bonnie. National Institute of Corrections (Washington, DC). Oregon Dept. of Corrections. Health Services Division (Salem, OR).
    The purpose of this four-hour training seminar is to orient all new health care employees to, and refresh existing employees in, health and safety issues that will reduce staff and inmate risk of exposure to environmental hazards, communicable diseases and physical injury. Three components of the training are: 1) safety; 2) communicable diseases; and 3) sanitation. The teaching format is comprised of lecture, discussion, active participation, and testing. The training package consists of a one-v... Read More
    67 p.
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