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Document 031387
Prison Guards and the Death Penalty
By Long, Walter C.; Robertson, Oliver. European Union (EU) (Brussels, Belgium). Prison Reform International (PRI) (London, England).
This is an excellent primer on how correctional officers are deeply impacted by working on death row. It is essential reading for corrections professionals, policymakers, and the public. Sections of this paper include: introduction; guards on death row; interactions with prisoners; guards at executions; and conclusion. "Like murder, execution inflicts emotional and psychological damage on those linked to it. This can begin with anticipatory trauma when a court sets an execution date and the impa... Read More

4 pages
Document 027890
Staff Perceptions
PbS Learning Institute (PbS LI) (Braintree, MA).
“When young offenders are placed in secure residential facilities to receive the care and services they need to return to the community and not return to criminal behavior, the juvenile justice system expects that facility staff are well-trained, maintain safe and healthy environments and care about the youths. Research and experience show staff-youth relationships significantly impact youths’ successful reentry yet the relationships are easily threatened by external influences such as staff tur... Read More
5 pages
Document 027891
Better Solutions for Youth with Mental Health Needs in the Juvenile Justice System
National Center for Mental Health and Juvenile Justice (NCMHJJ) (Delmar, NY).
“[W]henever safe and appropriate, youth with mental health needs should be prevented from entering the juvenile justice system in the first place. For youth who do enter the system, a first option should be to refer them to effective treatment within the community. For those few who require placement, it is important to ensure that they have access to effective services while in care to help them re-enter society successfully” (p. 1). This paper explains how this can be done. Topics discussed in... Read More
8 pages
Document 027698
Should I Stay or Should I Go? Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intent of Jail Staff Throughout the United States
By Leip, Leslie A.; Stinchcomb, Jeanne B..
This article should be read by all jail administrators for it explains why the majority of line-level jail officers like their jobs and are not going to quit. Of course the jail setting must possess an encouraging organizational climate, make the staff feel fairly treated, encourage them to provide input during the decision making process, and foster positive relations between them and their supervisors. Meanwhile, while “the environmental variables investigated are amenable to change, it would ... Read More
16 pages
Document 011168
GDC Diversity
By Kerr, Carroll Saylor. National Institute of Corrections (Washington, DC). Georgia Dept. of Corrections (Atlanta, GA).
This document aims to discover the attitudes toward cultural diversity within the Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC). The first exercise is used to determine the employees' perceptions of GDC's awareness of and responses to cultural diversity. A sample of the cultural diversity and climate assessment survey is included, along with a recommended protocol for focused interviews. Also contains an extensive list of references.... Read More
33 p.
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