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Document 029920
JDAI Helpdesk: Conditions of Confinement
Annie E. Casey Foundation (Baltimore, MD). Pretrial Justice Institute. JDAI Helpdesk (Gaithersburg, MD).
"Since its inception, JDAI [Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative] has emphasized the importance of maintaining safe and humane conditions of confinement in juvenile detention facilities. The JDAI juvenile detention facility standards, originally published in 2004 and revised in 2014, represent the most comprehensive and demanding set of publicly available standards for juvenile detention facilities. Officials in JDAI sites have used these standards and JDAI facility assessment process to i... Read More

Document 031204
Heat in US Prisons and Jails: Corrections and the Challenge of Climate Change
By Holt, Daniel W. E.. Columbia Law School. Sabin Center for Climate Change Law (New York, NY).
This is an excellent paper which "addresses two important but largely neglected questions: How will increased temperatures and heat waves caused by climate change affect prisons, jails, and their staff and inmate populations? And what can correctional departments do to prepare for greater heat and minimize the dangers it poses? … Until now, the implications of climate change for corrections have been largely disregarded by both correctional administrators and public officials working on climate ... Read More

144 pages
Document 026786
A Multi-State Recidivism Study Using Static-99R and Static-2002 Risk Scores and Tier Guidelines from the Adam Walsh Act
By Zgoba, Kristen M.; Miner, Michael; Knight, Raymond; Letourneau, Elizabeth; Levenson, Jill; Thornton, David. National Institute of Justice (Washington, DC).
The effectiveness of various sex offender classification instruments is investigated. This research is important in determining the best practices driving the success of sex offender management classification systems allowing you to utilize the best tool in your jurisdiction. Sections of this report include: abstract; executive summary; introduction; research design and methods; results regarding the respective abilities of nationally recommended Adam Walsh Act (AWA) classification tiers and act... Read More
37 pages
Document 026493
Neuroscience and Correctional Facility Design Workshop: Understanding Cognitive Processes in Correctional Settings: Workshop Report
By Facrbstein, Jay; Farling, Melissa. National Institute of Corrections (Washington, DC). Jay Farbstein & Associates, Inc. (JFA) (San Luis Obispo, CA).
This workshop created an agenda for undertaking neuroscience research in correctional settings. The report presents a detailed account of the presentation and discussion held at this workshop. Sections of this document include: introduction and overview; summary of introductory presentations; summary of work groups—hypothesis and research projects; summary of general discussion; and conclusions and next steps. Appendixes provide copies of overheads use for presentations regarding: “Neuroscience ... Read More
144 pages
Document 022570
Jails and the Constitution: An Overview
By Collins, William C.. National Institute of Corrections. Jails Division (Washington, DC). National Institute of Corrections. Jails Division (Washington, DC).
This publication "reviews the history of correctional law and summarizes the results and effects of major court decisions" (p. 4). Sections comprising this document include: introduction; history of court involvement; corrections and the Constitution in a new century; the Constitution and the physical plant; understanding Section 1983 lawsuits; how courts evaluate claims -- the balancing test; the First Amendment; the Fourth Amendment; the Eighth Amendment -- overview; the 8th Amendment -- use ... Read More
93 p.
Document 014848
Jail Design and Operation and the Constitution: An Overview
By Collins, William C.. National Institute of Corrections (Washington, DC).
The Constitution protects inmates in jails and prisons, and this paper discusses the continuing challenge of deciding what those protections mean in practice and the struggle to assure that inmate rights are met. "Condition cases" have resulted in courts reducing jail populations and have a great impact on facility design and operation and the cost of operating a jail. Legal issues whose impact are primarily operational are also highlighted. The title: Jails and the Constitution: An Overview (#0... Read More
77 p.
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