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Document 027960
Social Impact Bonds Gain Momentum in the Criminal Justice Field
By Tran, Mai P.. Council of State Governments (CSG) Justice Center (New York, NY).
This is an excellent introduction for anyone looking for information about social impact bonds (SIBs). “As publicly-funded programs and services across the country are experiencing budgetary constraints, many are beginning to look to social impact bonds (SIBs), also known as pay-for-success bonds or social innovation financing, as a possible solution. Under the SIB model, public, private, and nonprofit sectors collaborate to achieve cost savings and improve social outcomes in areas such as crimi... Read More
5 pages
Document 029535
Social Impact Bonds
National Juvenile Justice Network (NJJN). Fiscal policy Center (Washington, DC).
If you are looking for information about Social Impact Bonds (SIBs), then this is the perfect publication for you. "The goal of a Social Impact Bond (SIB) is to improve social outcomes while effectively allocating scarce public-sector resources. SIBs are a public-private partnership in which private investors adopt the risk that a social program may not produce its desired outcomes" (p. 1). Topics covered include: what a SIB is; the difference between a Social Impact Bond and Pay for Success (PF... Read More
5 pages
Document 029536
Understanding Social Impact Bonds and Pay for Success
Urban Institute (Washington, DC).
"Pay for success (PFS) financing and social impact bonds (SIBs) have generated immense enthusiasm in the public and private sectors as a means to shift risk and generate new capital for social programming. In PFS and SIB transactions, private investors provide capital for an evidence-based social program. The investors’ principal is returned with a profit if rigorous evaluation concludes predetermined performance goals are met." Resources on this webpage explain how to implement an evidence-base... Read More
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