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Document 032646
Restrictive Housing: An Annotated Bibliography
National Institute of Corrections Information Center (NICIC) (Aurora, CO).
Resources about the use of restricted housing are provided and organized according to: resources from NIC; prevalence of restrictive housing; governing practices and policies; the basis for and process involved in determining whether, and for how long, someone is placed in special housing; conditions of confinement—juveniles, and female offenders; research—effects of prolonged confinement; legislation and litigation impacts; programming and reentry-focused services; availability of medical and m... Read More
Document 032794
More Than Emptying Beds: A Systems Approach to Segregation Reform
By Pacholke, Dan; Mullins, Sandy Felkey. U.S. Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) (Washington, DC).
"Segregation has been and will continue to be a tool that is necessary to manage legitimate safety concerns. Reforms in the use of this practice will only be successful if the safety of inmates and staff is maintained or improved in the process. To impact the health and well-being of people under correctional control, reducing the use of segregation on its own by only “emptying beds” is of limited value. To make an impactful change, a systems approach to this complex issue is essential. This pol... Read More

16 pages
Document 032811
Aiming to Reduce Time-In-Cell: Reports from Correctional Systems on the Numbers of Prisoners in Restricted Housing and on the Potential of Policy Changes to Bring About Reforms
Association of State Correctional Administrators (ASCA) (Hagerstown, MD); Yale Law School. The Arthur Liman Public Interest Program (New Haven, CT).
This report "provides the only current, comprehensive data on the use of restricted housing, in which individuals are held in their cells for 22 hours or more each day, and for 15 continuous days or more at a time. The Report also documents efforts across the country to reduce the number of people in restricted housing and to reform the conditions in which isolated prisoners are held in order to improve safety for prisoners, staff, and communities at large" (p. 1).... Read More

127 pages
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