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Making Direct Supervision Work

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The National Institute of Corrections’ Jails Division has developed two new programs: "Making Direct Supervision Work: The Role of the Housing-Unit Officer", and "Making Direct Supervision Work: The Role of the First-Line Supervisor". The programs are designed primarily for agencies preparing to move from a traditional jail into a new direct supervision jail. However, they also can be used to train newly-hired officers or newly-promoted supervisors in direct supervision jails already in operation.
The set of computer disks include: the curricula for housing officers and that for supervisors (comprising of Trainer's Guide/Facilitator's Guide, Participant Manual, Handouts, Slides, Detailed Trainer Agenda, and Sample Participant Agenda); PowerPoint presentations for both versions with embedded videos; the video vignettes separately and Jails in America.

Please note, NIC intends for this curricula to be deployed as designed in its entirety. Alterations and deviations from the curricula cannot be supported.

Photo credit: the Scott County Sheriff's Office, Minnesota

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Revised edition
1 CD + 1 data DVD + 1 video DVD + Jails in America DVD
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