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Safety Matters: Relationships in Women’s Facilities

Safety Matters Cover


The Safety Matters: Relationships in Women’s Facilities training program is delivered in three (3) parts: one (1) online training session, one (1) intersession assignment, and a two-and-a-half-day onsite training session in Aurora, Colorado. Safety Matters is an interactive resource for the field to explore the key dynamics woman inmates’ behavior and relationships have within a women’s institution. Participants will be able to effectively use communication skills to address inmate relationships and implement practical operational strategies. This is an advanced curriculum designed to build upon pre-existing gender-responsive knowledge, motivational interviewing skills, PREA, and best correctional practices. 

  • January 25 (Virtual): 4 hours
  • Intersession Assignment: not to exceed 2 hours
  • February 6 – 8 (Onsite): 2.5 days at the National Corrections Academy in Aurora, Colorado*

*Travel expenses for participants, including air fare, hotel, and per diem, will be covered by NIC.  

Who Should Attend

Safety Matters is designed for any correctional professional who routinely communicates with women inmates as part of his or her work responsibility in adult prisons and jails. Participants will benefit most from this curriculum if they have completed, at minimum, an introductory course in gender-responsive practice, motivational interviewing, and the PREA standards.

Participation in this event requires each agency to apply with one team of 4 to 6 staff members. Preference will be given to teams with cross-discipline and cross-hierarchical representation. Each team member must meet the agency and individual requirements. One member of the agency’s proposed team must serve as the team lead for submitting the application and as the contact person between the agency and NIC.

Event Date: 
Tuesday 6th February at 8:00am - Thursday 8th February at 5:00pm
Maureen Buell