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Cooperative Agreement - Indian Country Jails-Training and Related Assistance

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12 May 2022

The National Institute of Corrections (NIC) is seeking applications for funding under the Fiscal Year (FY) 2022 to provide training and related assistance to Indian Country Jails in key areas of jail management.


The goal of this cooperative agreement is to advance public safety by providing training and related assistance to Indian Country jails in key areas of operations and management.


Applicants must register with prior to submitting an application. NIC encourages applicants to register several weeks before the application submission deadline. In addition, NIC urges applicants to submit applications 72 hours prior to the application due date. All applications are due to be submitted and in receipt of a successful validation message in by 11:59 p.m. eastern time on July 8, 2022.


  1. Deliver three (3) training programs for Indian Country jails.
  2. Provide related assistance in support of selected training programs.


In addition to the strategy and content of the program design, the successful applicant must complete the following deliverables during the project period. The program narrative should reflect how the applicant will accomplish these activities.

  1. Participate in an initial virtual meeting with the NIC program manager to discuss the cooperative agreement, scope of work, and all related aspects of the cooperative agreement within ten (10) days of award.
  2. Facilitate a virtual planning meeting within forty-five (45) days of award to tentatively determine:
    1. The specific trainings to be offered 
    2. The location of each training 
    3. Tentative dates for each training
    4. Trainers for each training program and
    5. Potential related services. At a minimum, the Project Director must attend this meeting with the Program Manager.
      • Submit a summary report detailing the finalized work plan.
  3. Training and related assistance. 
    1. Coordinate and deliver training for Indian Country jails using one or more of the following programs:
      • Jail Administration—Indian Country (5-day program)
      • Team Building for Effective Jail Operations (3-day program)
      • BIA Detention Guidelines: Assessing, Achieving, and Sustaining Compliance (3-day program)
        • Requires an Indian Country jail facility to conduct the practical application portion of the training.
    2. Contract and compensate a minimum of two (2) technical resource providers (TRPs) to provide training and related assistance under the cooperative agreement. At a minimum, the TRPs will:
      • Prepare for the training programs: TRPs will review the agenda and program overview; review the lesson plans and training materials; and confer with the NIC Program Manager and/or Project Director about program content, format, and logistics.
      • Facilitate training in accordance with the course agenda and lesson plans in time frames and content as well as instructions from the NIC Program Manager and/or Project Director.
      • Provide related assistance in the form of coaching, follow-up, evaluation, and/or other means as determined by the Program Manager and Project Director.
      • Provide written documentation to the Project Director for the final report.
    3. Coordinate all training logistics such as communication with the agency point of contact, dates, location, and registration.
    4. Prepare, print, and ship all training materials such as manuals, posters, handouts, agendas, and certificates for each training program to the training location.
    5. Attend training (Project Director) events unless otherwise approved by NIC Program Manager.
    6. Conduct post-training evaluations.
    7. Coordinate a debrief session with the jurisdiction following each training program.
    8. Determine appropriate means of related assistance for each training program based on participant and / or jurisdictional need, and program content. Possible types of related assistance are listed below. At a minimum, evaluation with compiled feedback is an expected deliverable for each training program.
      • Coaching
      • Follow-up calls, meetings, etc.
      • Evaluation (required)
      • Other - (Additional innovative ideas are encouraged by the applicant).
    9. Complete a final training report upon completion of each training program.
  4. Contract and compensate technical resource providers (TRPs) to provide services under the cooperative agreement.
  5. Meet all fiscal and reporting requirements for the cooperative agreement to include a final project report.
  6. Facilitate all administrative tasks associated with this cooperative including, but not limited to:
    1. Managing TRP contracts.
    2. Managing and paying all fees and expenses associated with this cooperative agreement.
    3. General administrative duties.


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