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Father Son

Family Connections in Correctional Facilities: TTA Opportunity

Sep 2018

Nearly 5 million US children have experienced the incarceration of a parent. Research demonstrates that parental incarceration contributes to emotional, financial, and residential instability among children and their caregivers, which can have significant short- and long-term ramifications for their lives. The Urban Institute has collaborated with the National Institute of Corrections, Bureau of Justice Assistance, Community Works, and subject-matter experts to develop actionable, low-cost, high-impact model practices and activities that can reduce the barriers to contact and communication between incarcerated parents and their children.

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50 State Report on Public Safety (2018)

Aug 2018

The 50-State Report on Public Safety is a web-based resource that combines data analyses with practical examples to help policymakers craft impactful strategies to address their state’s specific public safety challenges.

People in Prison Vera Cover

People in Prison 2017

Jun 2018

This report from the Vera Institute of Justice provides information collected directly from states and the federal Bureau of Prisons to estimate the number of people in prison at the end of 2017.

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Evidence-Based Decision Making Framework

May 2018

This document “A Framework for Evidence-Based Decision Making in State and Local Criminal Justice Systems” defines the core principles and action strategies that criminal justice policymakers may employ to reduce the harm to communities caused by crime.

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Going Green in Corrections: Saving $$ and Improving Offender Outcomes

Mar 2018

Over the past decade, the corrections community’s perspective on sustainability-oriented practices has evolved to include tremendous cost savings via resource efficiency and measurable improvements in offender outcomes, as well as important partnerships between corrections facilities and programs and the communities they serve. Presenter Paul Sheldon, senior advisor at will discuss examples of successful "green" programs and partnerships with federal, state, and local agencies, as well as academic, business, and non-profit partners.

Mentoring as a Component of Reentry: Practical Considerations from the Field (2017)

Dec 2017

The impact of mentoring for adults returning to their community from incarceration involves collaborating with correctional facilities, thoughtfully selecting and matching mentors and participants, and effectively concluding the mentoring relationship. 

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First Jail Restrictive Housing Training Program Developed

Dec 2017

Following over four years of successful trainings to prison professionals around the country, the National Institute of Corrections (NIC) entered into a cooperative agreement with CJI to expand its Managing Prison Restrictive Housing Populations program and to create a Managing Jail Restrictive Housing Populations curriculum.