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Cooperative Agreement - Jail Inspection Initiative

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11 Mar 2021

The National Institute of Corrections (NIC) is seeking applications for funding under Fiscal Year 2021 for a Jail Inspection Initiative. This program furthers NIC’s mission by building the capacity and sustainability of state, local, and tribal correctional agencies to ensure standards are met by providing independent inspections and regulatory insight.

This program aims to advance operational and public safety, and security by enhancing state and local jail inspection practices through innovative training, technical assistance, and resources.

1. Conduct virtual meetings for the NIC’s Chief State Jail Inspector Network (CJIN).
2. Provide recommendations for updates and revisions to NIC’s Jail Inspector Training Program curriculum, including optional program delivery strategies.

1. Conduct an initial virtual meeting with NIC within ten days of the award to review goals and objectives, discuss and develop a timeline of activities, role clarification, overview of the project, and the project concept plan.
2. The awardee will research and compile a comprehensive database of information relating to all state or state jail-related organizations, including Indian Country, that provide local jurisdictions with either mandatory or non-mandatory standards.
3. The awardee will conduct two virtual conferral meetings with current, known members of the CJIN. Meetings will be held over NIC’s Webex training platform. A meeting prior to each of the two CJIN meetings will be conducted to:
• provide additional background and history of the network through personal experiences and perspectives;
• establish the forthcoming network meeting agenda;
• identify critical topics of discussion;
• assist in identifying guest, subject matter expert presenters; and
• contribute with the development of recommendations for updates and revisions to the Jail Inspector Training curriculum. (First meeting only.)
Note: The awardee should anticipate the first meeting being significantly longer than the second due to the added discussion of curriculum updates and revision recommendations. The awardee may choose a separate meeting time for this discussion.
4. The awardee will organize and conduct two virtual CJIN meetings roughly six months apart.
• Network meetings will likely be held over two days for up to two hours each day.
• Network meetings will be held over NIC’s Webex training platform.
• The awardee will record all network meetings and edit the recordings to remove any agency-specific sensitive information. The finalized recordings will be used as NIC deems appropriate.
5. The awardee is responsible for contracting and compensating technical resource providers, presenters, etc., for conducting any related assistance under the cooperative agreement not performed solely by the awardee.
6. The awardee, in collaboration with NIC program managers, will schedule and complete virtual technical checks and rehearsals as required. Rehearsals will be conducted on NIC’s Webex Training platform. Awardee is responsible for acting as, or providing the producer for all rehearsals and meeting sessions.
7. The awardee will design and implement an evaluation process to collect user feedback and provide NIC a summary report of the CJIN meetings within a week of its conclusion.
8. The awardee will research and develop recommendations for updates and revisions to the existing NIC Jail Inspector Training curriculum. Recommendations with rationale shall be submitted in report form to NIC in Word and PDF formats. Actual revisions and pilot of updated curriculum are not deliverables of this solicitation. The NIC program managers will also consider proposals for new, innovative, and dynamic approaches to this program's delivery method. Program delivery method proposals may be included in the report of recommendations for updates and revisions to the curriculum.
9. The awardee will meet all financial and reporting requirements for the cooperative agreement.


Applicants must register with prior to submitting an application. NIC encourages applicants to register several weeks before the application submission deadline. In addition, NIC urges applicants to submit applications 72 hours prior to the application due date. All applications are due to be submitted and in receipt of a successful validation message in by 11:59 p.m. eastern time on May 10, 2021


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