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Cooperative Agreement - Justice Involved Women: Developing an Agency Wide Approach Curriculum Update and Pilot

30 Jul 2020
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The National Institute of Corrections (NIC) is seeking applications for funding under Fiscal Year 2020 to update the curriculum for Women in the Justice System: Developing an Agency Wide Approach, a blended learning training program focusing on the development of gender-responsive policy and practices to improve the management of women in the justice system.

The goal of this project is to revise and update the curriculum for Justice Involved Women: Developing an Agency Wide Approach blended training curriculum utilizing the Instructional Theory Into Practice  format.

1. Update the current curriculum to include formal lesson plans, participant, and instructor manuals, power points, and training materials for the Women in the Justice System: Developing an Agency Wide Approach.
2. Pilot the newly revised curriculum during first scheduled offering of Justice Involved Women: Developing an Agency Wide Approach program.
3. Revise the curriculum upon completion of the pilot.
4. Work with Technical Resource Providers to provide coaching after class offering.

1. Initial planning session to develop work plan.
    • Participate in virtual kickoff meeting with NIC Correctional Program Specialist (CPS) Project Lead to discuss the work plan. Clarification of goals, objectives, and deliverables will occur, including the setting of initial deadlines, and role clarification.
    • Awardee will be responsible for providing minutes and recommendations to NIC and meeting participants.

2. Facilitate a two day virtual focus group and planning meeting with at least 3 Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and the NIC Program Manager. SMEs will be chosen in collaboration with NIC and must have significant experience, knowledge and skills (e.g. five or more years) working with curriculum content, design and instructional development. There must also be expertise in delivering training to correctional audiences on issues specific to justice involved women. The awardee will be responsible for all fees for the work of SMEs. Any work of SMEs beyond the focus group is also the responsibility of the awardee.
The purpose of the focus group is to:
a. Review all modules and identify updates based on new research and evidence based practices that will enhance the current program.
b. Identify and incorporate changes into the curriculum, which includes power points, and other adjunct materials that support the learning objectives.
c. Provide draft revisions and proposed curriculum to NIC, on an identified date, for review and response

3. Attend the next scheduled Justice involved Women: Developing an Agency Wide Response training programs at the National Corrections Academy located in Aurora, Colorado using the updated curriculum revisions. Following the class, the awardee must provide:
   • Revisions to the curriculum and all required materials upon completion of the class and provide updated:
      a. Lesson plans.
      b. Complete instructor’s manual with cover and all lesson plans in one cohesive document.
      c. Participant manual that follows the lesson plans.
      d. PowerPoint slides.
      e. Supplemental materials (agenda, handouts, etc.).
  • Participate in all pre-work associated with the class.
  • Work with NIC to establish queries for a 6 month follow-up process with each participant team to capture and document measurable change in their agency, organization, facility since the delivery of the program.
  • Provide Technical Resource Providers with training and information regarding one time coaching expectations.


Deadline. All applications are due to be submitted and in receipt of a successful validation message in by 11:59 p.m. eastern time on August 4, 2020. Late applications will not be considered.

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Please note effective July 1, 2013 the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) was merged to the System for Award Management (SAM).  The SAM registry and Frequently Asked Questions can be reached at  Please note that the registration process can take up to 1-3 weeks, so please plan accordingly.

Questions and Answers

Question 1: We do have a staff member who could serve on our project team who meets these requirements. However, she is a part time instructor and not a full time staff member. She has also served as a consultant for many of our projects. Would this be acceptable, or need we partner with a full-time staff or faculty member

Answer: All decisions regarding who is part of the project team is yours to make.   They do not have to be full time staff members, they can be part-time or contracted.


Question 2: The RFP says that the awardee needs to budget for the Subject Matter Expert who will be chosen jointly with NIC. However, we would like to know if there is a standard rate for such fees, and especially if there is a rate we should not exceed. If so, what is that standard rate?

Answer: There is no standard rate for fees. Costs should be reasonable and allocable. You may refer to the following sections in CFR 200.




Question 3: Can you please provide a copy of the curriculum Justice Involved Women: Developing an Agency Wide Approach referenced in the RFP? If not, can you please provide more details on each of the topical areas included the curriculum?
Answer: The program curriculum is not available as part of this solicitation – content areas are noted below in items 1-12.
                The topical areas include 1) leadership and mission 2) external support 3) physical plant (institutions and community corrections) 4) management and operations 5) staffing and training 6) issues related to organizational culture 7) management of justice involved women                 8) assessment and classification 9) case and transitional planning 10) research-based program areas 11) services 12) quality assurance and evaluation

Question 4: What are NIC’s parameters for updating the curriculum, if any?
Answer: The parameters for updating the curriculum are outlined in the goals, objectives and deliverables of the solicitation.

Question 5: We are working on the timeline for our application to this RFP. We cannot determine when the pilot training in Aurora, Colorado has been scheduled for. Can you tell us the dates, as that significantly impacts our timeline?
Answer: The date of the pilot will take place sometime in 2021 when NIC to can safely resume in person training. The assigned Correctional Program Specialist and the successful awardee will identify dates that will work for both entities.

Question 6: Can you please clarify your expectations for online learning (eLearning)?
Answer: The expectation is for the awardee to work with the NIC Correctional Program Specialist and the Subject Matter Experts to revise and update the current curriculum.

Question 7: What percentage of the three-phased program should focus on online learning?
Answer: Phase 1 and Phase 3 are on-line.

Question 8: When you speak of online learning—does the expectation consist of custom eLearning (e-courses) modules? If so, does NIC have a preference for which topics should be online learning?
Answer: Yes there are topics that are currently delivered on-line but also open to recommendations from the awardee about additions or changes.

Question 9: Can you provide an estimate of how many teams (3-4 participants) will participate in the webinar(s) and remote coaching sessions?
Answer: The count will be 6 to 8 teams.

Question 10: How often should the webinar be delivered?
Answer: There will be one webinar presented prior to the in person training event.

Question 11: What is your expectation and preference for the webinar(s)—pre-recorded or live?
Answer: Webinar(s) will be live.

Question 12: Does the organization have a preference for which topics should be delivered via webinar?
Answer: Yes, there are topics that are currently delivered on-line but also open to recommendations from the awardee about additions or changes.

Question 13: Does the organization have a webinar platform? If so, does the organization expect the prospective awardee/grantee to use its platform or should the webinar platform be included in the budget for this cooperative agreement?
Answer: NIC currently utilizes Webex and will be available to the awardee at no additional cost to the awardee.

Question 14: Does the organization currently have a pool of SMEs to choose from?
Answer: Yes

Question 15: Under the deliverables section, it says that awardee must have experience working with women in a facility. How do you define facility? Facility as in institute or facility as in a correctional facility?
Answer: Facility means correctional facility or jail.

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