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Cooperative Agreement - Support Services for Community Supervision Leadership Symposium

27 May 2020
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The National Institute of Corrections (NIC) is seeking applications for funding under Fiscal Year 2020 to support the planning and execution of the Community Supervision Leadership Symposium. The Leadership Symposium is intended to enhance Community Supervision Executives' ability to successfully implement and sustain practices that contribute to safer communities.

Support the successful execution of the National Institute of Correction’s Community Supervision Leadership Symposium to be held at the National Correctional Academy in Aurora, Colorado.

1. Conduct initial meeting with NIC to clarify goals and objectives, discuss timeline of activities, role clarification, and discuss overview of the project plan.
2. Awardee will be a key member of the NIC planning team, responsible for coordination of planning routine and ongoing virtual meetings to discuss planning progress.
3. Identify and procure three faculty to serve as content experts who are responsible for the planning, development, and delivery of training during a two day on-site symposium.
4. Identify lead faculty who will work with NIC project team throughout the planning and on-site delivery to ensure continuity of learning content.
5. The awardee will work with the NIC project team and video production team to ensure cooperation and coordination of the faculty as needed.
6. Work with NIC project team to gather content needed to design and produce documents that will support and enhance the participant learning experience.
7. Work with NIC project team and identified faculty to plan, develop, and deliver a session on a virtual platform prior to the on-site symposium.

1. Meet virtually with NIC project team for initial kickoff meeting to clarify goals, objectives and deliverables, including the setting of initial deadlines, review process, and role clarification within 30 days of award.
2. In consultation and with final approval of the NIC project team, identify and provide a total of three faculty, for the two day symposium in the follow areas of expertise:
    a. Implementation Science and Organizational Theory
    b. Identifying and mitigating bias in decision making
3. In consultation and with final approval of the NIC project manager, identify and assign one faculty to serve as the lead to ensure coordination of content between faculty, participants, video production team, and NIC project team throughout the planning and execution of the symposium.
4. At the request of the NIC project team, the awardee will provide content, other support services as needed, and review video production team’s concept plan to ensure coordination of content delivery.
5. In consultation and with final approval from the NIC program manager, assign two faculty to provide a virtual training in the areas of Organizational Theory, Implementation Science, and Identifying & Mitigating Bias in Decision Making. The virtual training will serve as the participants initial engagement and preparation for the in-person symposium.
6. Provide high quality materials for up to 80 participants that will support and enhance the symposium content and learning including agenda, presentation support documents, and other documents identified during the planning process.
7. Provide project management to ensure the planning, coordination, and execution of the Community Supervision Leadership Symposium delivered on schedule and as designed.

Deadline. All applications are due to be submitted and in receipt of a successful validation message in by 11:59 p.m. eastern time on July 27, 2020. Late applications will not be considered.

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