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Correctional Workers Week 2019

6 May 2019
National Institute of Corrections Seal


Dear Colleagues in Corrections,

While those outside our field rarely know of the sacrifices you make each day, National Correctional Workers’ Week is one opportunity to recognize the important work you do – to commemorate the contributions of those who work in our jails, prisons, and community corrections nationwide. This is a time for celebrating and commemorating the work you have done to keep our country safe, as well as for honoring those who lost their lives in the line of duty. I offer my sincere thanks to each of you.

Like the superheroes in the movies, you are selfless in your protection of others, your pursuit of justice, and your commitment to the welfare of others. Your presence is reassuring, and your willingness to accept the challenges of your position is indeed admirable. Under your watch, staff and inmates are safer, people in our custody are provided with the skills to be more productive citizens when they return home, and our neighborhoods and communities are better able to thrive. Your stories are not always the ones that turn into the heroic tales told on the big screen, but your deeds and the contributions you make are no less courageous, no less important.

It makes me proud to stand beside you and call you my colleagues in corrections. As we celebrate Correctional Workers’ Week, I hope you also take a moment to thank a fellow officer or to honor a fellow civil servant for his or her selflessness. You are all true heroes.

On behalf of all staff at the National Institute of Corrections, we thank you for your service.



Shaina Vanek

Acting Director

National Institute of Corrections