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Library of Congress Veterans history Project and NIC Presents: Post-Tramatic Stress Disorder and Veterans Correctional Housing

1 Feb 2019
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The Post-Tramatic Stress Disorder & Veterans Correctional Housing webinar took place at the Library of Congress on May 17, 2018. Panelists discussed successes, challenges, and lessons learned from implementing correctional housing units for veterans in jails and prisons, along with the role that Post-Tramatic Stress Disorder plays in crime and rehabilitation. Notably, a significant percentage of combat troops are returning home profoundly affected by both visible and invisible battle scars, including high rates of PTSD, traumatic brain injury, and serious physical wounds. The majority of these individuals, an estimated 77 percent, completed their service to their country with honorable discharges, yet their pathways from the military into the justice system typically began with a difficult transition back into civilian life.

View webinar: Post-Tramatic Stress Disorder & Veterans Correctional Housing