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Technical assistance opportunity through the Transition from Jail to Community Initiative

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Aug 2018

The National Institute of Corrections (NIC) is pleased to announce a new technical assistance opportunity through the Transition from Jail to Community Initiative (TJC). To be considered, prospective sites must submit a letter of interest to NIC by August 24, 2018 that briefly details their current and past reentry efforts, partnerships in providing reentry services, and basic information about their jail system.

Launched in 2007 in collaboration with the Urban Institute, TJC is an integrated, system-wide approach for jail reentry based on organizational change and collaboration between jails and community partners. With the primary goal of improving public safety, TJC promotes the implementation of strategies that enhance reentry for justice-involved adults.

Since 2008, NIC and the Urban Institute have field tested and refined the TJC model, working with fourteen jurisdictions over two different ‘phases.’ Most recently, the project produced tools to improve identification of technical assistance needs, measure progress, and support sustainability. These tools include the TJC Readiness Protocol, a self-assessment that determines the status of a community’s current jail reentry efforts, and the Implementation Progress Tool, which allows the site and technical assistance providers to measure progress towards implementation of system-wide, evidence-based practices as outlined in the TJC model.

In October 2017, NIC awarded the Crime & Justice Institute (CJI) at Community Resources for Justice with a cooperative agreement to provide technical assistance to interested sites.

To apply for TJC technical assistance, please submit a letter of interest to P. Elizabeth Taylor ( by August 24th, 2018, briefly describing:

  • Current and previous efforts to implement reentry programming
  • Partners involved in providing reentry services
  • Basic information about the local jail system
    • Number of jail admissions per year
    • Average daily population (ADP)
    • ADP by pretrial/sentenced
    • Number of releases per year

Sites whose requests have been approved will be expected to complete the Readiness Protocol assessment during the technical assistance event.

For more information, please contact P. Elizabeth Taylor, NIC Correctional Program Specialist, at