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23 Apr 2019

Sheriff John Hinton completes 116th Session of National Sheriffs' Institute

Sheriff John Hinton of the Morrow County Sheriff’s Office completed participation in the 116th session of the National Sheriffs’ Institute held in Aurora, Colorado, April 15-19.

14 Feb 2019

NIC in Houston assisting Harris County Jail with child-friendly visitation

Experts from the National Institute of Corrections visited Houston as part of an initiative to make the Harris County jail more child-friendly.

25 Jan 2019

Tennessee opens first housing units dedicated to justice involved veterans.

"Veterans will be put together to get into a more common structure. It's veterans, they're going to get through this together," said Rogers, newly appointed by Gov. Bill Lee to lead veteran services. ... Tennessee's veteran housing program follows a national trend of "barracks behind bars." Inmates can work through problems they often share, such as substance abuse and post-traumatic stress disorder.

23 Jan 2019

Red Onion State Prison Features NIC Thinking For A Change

Red Onion State Prison in Virginia has been using a number of NIC programs, including NIC's Thinking for a Change Program (T4C) program. As outlined through interviews in the documentary, the facility's use of the T4C program has had an impact on the facility and in the lives of staff and inmates.

19 Nov 2018

Va. helping citizens re-enter society after incarceration

NIC’s Transition from Jail to Community (TJC) tool cited as an essential component of Virginia’s reintegration portal providing a one-stop shop for offenders.

17 Oct 2018

Sheriff Douglas J. McGrath completes 115th Session of National Sheriffs’ Institute program

Morgan County Sheriff Douglas J. McGrath completed participation in the 115th session of the National Sheriff’s Institute, a no-cost program cosponsored by NIC and the National Sherri’s Association.

5 Oct 2018

From crime to jobs: New grant will help

Rock Valley has received a federal grant of nearly $1 million to give local offenders a better chance of avoiding a life of crime through programs like NIC’s Thinking for a Change.

25 Sep 2018

Middlesex Sheriff’s Office Hosts National Institute of Corrections Crisis Intervention Team Training

In a training offered by the U.S. Department of Justice’s National Institute of Corrections (NIC), 26 correctional professionals from a dozen agencies completed a week-long crisis intervention team (CIT) training course to provide officers and other correctional staff with the skills necessary to successfully interact and respond to individuals in custody with mental illness.

12 Sep 2018

Program aims to help offenders think before acting on impulses

Union County probation officers learned how to help offenders avoid acting on risky impulses. NIC staff taught the officers how to help offenders by using data-driven techniques.

Prescription Drugs of Abuse and Misuse in Jails and Prisons

Through a series of interactive activities, including polling and chat, we will explore how the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) Health Services Division and the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services (DPSCS) is addressing the challenge of prescription drug abuse and misuse in jails and prisons.

Jared Kushner: Fifteen Lessons I Learned From Criminal-Justice Reform

Jared Kushner: Fifteen Lessons I Learned From Criminal-Justice Reform

Improving Outcomes for Justice-Involved Vets with PTSD: a panel discussion

In collaboration with the Veterans History Project, the National Institute of Corrections hosted a panel discussion for PTSD Awareness month on May 15, 2019 at the Library of Congress.

Leadership Development for Mid-Level Managers VILT Series

Are you interested in growing and enhancing your leadership ability within your agency? Do you want to continue your leadership growth by taking a look at yourself via a 360º assessment and charting a course for your further development based on your strengths and challenges? Then come and join NIC for this interactive five (5) part Virtual Instructor Led (VILT) training! Each VILT is up to 1.5 hours in length, with time for you to apply your leadership learnings in between each session. [ Enrollment Deadline: January 25, 2019]

Orientation for New Pretrial Executives

This 32 hour program will enhance participants leadership capacity and decision making skills though the application of proven standards and practices in a collaborative learning environment. [Enrollment deadline: 3/15/2019 8:00 AM]

Orientation for Probation and Parole Chief Executives

NIC continues to recognize the value of orientation for new probation and parole executives. This 40-hour blended learning course focuses on presenting core competencies and their related skills and behaviors to assist new chief executives with both the immediate knowledge and the long-term skills needed in the areas of leadership, personnel, strategic planning, staff safety, collaboration, criminal justice in the 21st Century, and organizational development issues. [Enrollment deadline:  3/29/2019 8:00 AM]

Sustaining Systems Change: Findings from a Transition from Jail to Community Initiative Stakeholder Survey

The TJC Initiative seeks to improve public safety and to enhance the success of individuals returning to the community from local jails through implementation of an innovative, evidence-informed transition models.

NCCHC and the National Sheriffs’ Association present a resource to support jail administrators in providing effective treatment for individuals with opioid use disorder and helping to halt the opioid epidemic in the United States.

NCCHC and the National Sheriffs’ Association present a resource to support jail administrators in providing effective treatment for individuals with opioid use disorder and helping to halt the opioid epidemic in the United States.

Pilot sites for the Family Connections in Correctional Facilities Project

Pilot sites for the Family Connections in Correctional Facilities Project 

Connecticut D.O.C. is Honored with the 2018 Norval Morris Award

The National Institute of Corrections congratulates the Connecticut Department of Corrections on being awarded the Norval Morris Program on Corrections Innovation in 2018.

50 State Report on Public Safety (2018)

The 50-State Report on Public Safety is a web-based resource that combines data analyses with practical examples to help policymakers craft impactful strategies to address their state’s specific public safety challenges.

People in Prison 2017

This report from the Vera Institute of Justice provides information collected directly from states and the federal Bureau of Prisons to estimate the number of people in prison at the end of 2017.

Evidence-Based Decision Making Framework

This document “A Framework for Evidence-Based Decision Making in State and Local Criminal Justice Systems” defines the core principles and action strategies that criminal justice policymakers may employ to reduce the harm to communities caused by crime.