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Office of Justice Programs’ Management of Its Offender Reentry Initiatives

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Results from an evaluation of the Office of Justice Programs’ (OJP’s) two major offender reentry initiatives are presented and analyzed. Sections following an executive summary are: introduction; findings and recommendations regarding the administration and management of OJP’s offender reentry programs and design of OJP’s offender reentry grant programs; Statement of Compliance with Laws and Regulations; and Statement on Internal Controls. Appendixes also provide a response from the OJP and the OIG Analysis and Summary of Actions Necessary to Close the Report. “OJP did not establish an effective system for monitoring the SVORI [Serious and Violent Offender Reentry Initiative] and PRI [Prisoner Reentry Initiative] grantees to assess whether they were meeting program goals” and had “significant design flaws in the initial implementation” of these programs (p.ii).

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