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Proceedings of the Large Jail Network Meeting, February 2003

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Contents of these proceedings include: meeting highlights; "The Future of Jail Legislation, Resources, and Funding by Michael Thompson; "Legislation, Resources, and Funding: A Perspective From Our Professional Associations" by Stephen Ingley, Jim Gondles, and Tom Faust; open forum discussion with professional associations' representatives; "Handling Legislation and Dealing Effectively with Funding Authorities" by Calvin Lightfoot and Thompson; "The Role of Professional Standards and Internal Affairs" by Dennis Williams and Ralph Green; open forum -- jail issues for discussion; "The LJN Online and the NIC Web Site" by Tracey Vessels and Connie Clem; "Legal Issues Update" by William Collins; "Topics for the Next Large Jail Network Meeting" by Richard Geaither; meeting agenda; participant list; and "Links to Potential Federal Funding Sources and Internet Resources."

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