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Proceedings of the Large Jail Network Meeting, July 2003

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These proceedings are comprised of: Highlights of the Meeting Sessions; Stay Awake or You Will Trip Over the Future by Tom Esensten; Video Presentation: Beyond the Myths: Jails in Your Community introduced by Virginia Hutchinson; Defining the Future and Exploring Organizational Strategies by Esensten: Future Trends and Their Impact on Jail Management by Marilyn Chandler Ford; Jail Population Growth: Sources of Growth and Stability by Allen Beck; Jail Standards and Accreditation: Are There Still Advantages? by Tim Ryan et al; Accreditation: Open Forum Discussion; Use of New Technology by Barry Stanton and Otto Payne; Wrap-Up Issues; Use of Existing Technology for New Purposes by Joe Russo; Use of Technology: Open Forum Discussion; and Announcements and Discussion of Next Meeting by Richard Geaither and meeting participants.

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