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Purposeful Neighboring: Creating Reentry-Ready Communities

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"Purposeful Neighboring: Creating Reentry-Ready Communities is not intended to be a long, academic book. It is rather a practical book birthed in the fires of providing prisoner reentry services at the local, county, and state levels. Hopefully, it will inspire to you see the real problem and be a part of the real solution … My basic premise is that reentry is NOT the responsibility of the local department of corrections – it is EVERYONE’S responsibility. Until our communities step up and own the responsibility for reintegrating ex-offenders back into the fabric of society, the bitter cycle of recidivism will continue" (p. 5). This publication explains how. Seven chapters comprise this document: whether we really want reentry; understanding recidivism; the reentry reformation; the vision for a reentry-ready community; how to run a local prisoner reentry coalition; fitting it into the larger plan; and the National Reentry Resource Directory.

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