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Religious Practices & Beliefs in Jail and Prison

Religious Diet Information

Association of Correctional Food Service Affiliates

Inmate Religious and Alternative Diets

South Dakota Department of Corrections, 2016

Religious Programs and Practices

New York State Corrections and Community Supervision, 2015

Religious Services

Oklahoma Department of Corrections, 2015

Document ID: 025847

Religion in Corrections: Offenders' Rights, Your Responsibility

National Institute of Corrections, 2014

This two-day live broadcast addresses the conflict of “myth versus reality” regarding the role of the chaplain/religious director in corrections, the priority of religious practice balanced with security concerns, inconsistencies in accommodation, bias in space considerations, increased need for special diets, and the effects of agency and facility budgets.

Document ID: 028194

Religion in Prisons: A 50-State Survey of Prison Chaplains

Boddie, Stephanie C. and Cary Funk, 2012

This report “presents a rare window into religion behind bars. Although chaplains, like all observers, undoubtedly bring their own perspectives and predilections to bear, they also occupy a valuable vantage point as correctional workers who have regular, often positive interactions with inmates and take a strong interest in the role of religion in inmates’ lives” (p. 9). Their prime duties are personally leading worship services and administering religious programming.

Document ID: 026005

Handbook of Religious Beliefs and Practices

Washington Department of Corrections, 2013