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Services and Resources for Correctional Trainers

NIC offers a variety of resource and services for those providing training in a correctional setting.

The Academy Division Learning and Performance initiative represent NIC’s efforts to build staff training and performance capacity in corrections agencies.

The Workplace Learning and Staff Performance Enhancement initiative represents NIC’s effort to help build staff training and development capacity in corrections agencies. Click the above link for resources for trainers and curriculum designers.

Many materials are online, but most are available only through our library. If you are a correctional trainer and would like additional information about our resources and services, please contact us through our help desk.

Partnership Training Programs

We encourage correctional agencies across the nation to apply to host training programs in partnership with NIC. This unique opportunity gives host sites the advantage of holding an NIC training at their own facility, which can help reduce or eliminate travel costs and give host sites the ability to train all staff at once or train more staff in a shorter period. Some of these programs are open to all correctional facilities, including jails, prisons, community corrections, and transition/offender workforce development agencies, while others are limited to participants from one correctional discipline (e.g. only jails or only prisons). 

Each NIC partnership program has its own selection criteria, application process, and falls into one of three main categories: agency-specific programs, nonagency-specific programs, and hands-on facility programs. 

After selecting a program, follow the course description and instructions for hosting. Once accepted, hosts will receive support from NIC and be assigned to a correctional program specialist who will provide information and access to resources that will help ease the process of hosting a program.

Agency-Specific Programs

Most or all of the program participants come from the host agency. (Occasionally, these programs are offered for two or more small neighboring agencies.) NIC does not pay for any of the participants’ travel or lodging expenses. Program dates are negotiated with the host agency after site selection has been made.


Nonspecific-Agency Programs

When a partnership program is not specific to an agency, some program participants will be from the host agency and others are from neighboring correctional agencies. NIC does not pay for any of the participants’ travel expenses. Except where dates are indicated below, program dates are negotiated with the host agency after site selection has been made. 

Available by Application: Offender Workforce Development Specialist Partnership Training Program

Hands-On Partnership Programs

The host site provides facilities to tour, audit, or where simulated exercises are conducted. Applicants from anywhere in the country may apply online individually or as a team. NIC pays for travel, meals, and lodging for training participants from state or local correctional agencies. Unless otherwise specified for a particular program, participants from federal agencies (or their agencies) must pay travel costs. In most cases, as indicated to the right, dates have already been set for these offerings. Agencies applying should indicate on the site application which offering they wish to host.

See NIC's Public Training Catalog: Conducting Security Audits