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Which conferences will NIC attend this year?

Each year, NIC attends industry conferences to connect with corrections experts, leaders, and line-staff who are actively shaping the US corrections industry. We provide resources, answer questions, and build relationships that last a lifetime. Our goal is to help each generation of leaders get the tools they need to serve their communities.

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NIC Events at Conferences

Commonly Attended Conferences

  • N.A.D.C.P. Logo for 2023 RISE conference

    NIC is excited to attend the RISE conference, which brings together esteemed public health and public safety leaders dedicated to enhancing ac

  • Logo for The National Association of Pretrial Agencies
    NAPSA is the national professional association for the pretrial release and pretrial diversion fields. The Association has engaged in numerous partnerships and collaborative projects to communicate and advance the best and promising practices in pretrial release and diversion. These collaborations have helped jurisdictions incorporate effective pretrial practices and have highlighted the work of hundreds of well-established pretrial programs nationwide.
  • logo for American Probation and Parole Association (APPA)
    APPA, the national professional membership organization for probation and parole officers, is your chance to explore the future of probation and parole technologies and where our industry is headed, discover best practices and strategies to enhance your everyday work, and leave more inspired and take focused ideas and information back to your office and co-workers!
  • Logo for the American Correctional Association
    ACA's annual Congress of Correction and Winter Conference are the two of the most attended corrections events in the industry. Its conventions provide attendees and exhibitors with an opportunity to personally interact with thousands of corrections professionals. At each conference, there are hundreds of workshops, meetings and events, that allow attendees to educate themselves and network.
  • Logo for the American Jail Association
    The American Jail Association (AJA) is a national, nonprofit organization that supports the professionals who operate our Nation's jails. It is the only national association that focuses exclusively on issues specific to the operations of local correctional facilities.

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