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Association of Paroling Authorities International (APAI)


NIC is excited to engage with Parole professionals at this year's APAI conference.

We will not have a booth, but will be attending sessions and look forward to seeing you there.

Hours and Availability:

2023 Schedule
Sunday, April 16 Monday, April 17 Tuesday, April 18 Wednesday, April 19
All Day All Day All Day All Day
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National Institute of Corrections Team

Robbye Braxton

Job Title / Position
Community Services Division
Agency / Business / Organization
National Institute of Corrections

In 2007 Robbye began working with the National Institute of Corrections (NIC), as a National Programs Advisor in the Jails Division. Currently, Robbye is the Chief (A) of NIC’s Community Services Division. In that capacity, she serves as project manager for developing trainings and special projects for paroling authorities based on evidence based practices. In collaboration with Carleton University of Canada, Robbye helped to form a specialized NIC technical assistance program for parole structured decision making framework, enhancing the quality of release decision by parole boards and public safety. Robbye has also been assigned to a special Justice Department project, where she led a team of criminal justice leaders from across the country to develop reentry recommendations to assist the successful return of people back into the community.

Robbye has a BS in Criminology from the University Of Maryland, and working towards her MPA from American University in Washington, DC.

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