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NADCP RISE Conference

N.A.D.C.P. Logo for 2023 RISE conference

NIC is excited to attend the RISE conference, which brings together esteemed public health and public safety leaders dedicated to enhancing access to treatment for individuals with substance use and mental health disorders who find themselves entangled in the justice system. Our will be able to share what we learn with state and local partners, which will help them to improve the quality of care they provide to people with substance use and mental health disorders.

In addition, NIC is also looking forward to networking with other leaders. These relationships will be essential to NIC's efforts to improve the safety and effectiveness of the nation's correctional systems.

Hours and Availability:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
2pm-7pm 7am-6pm 7am-6pm 7am-12pm
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document cover for Dosage Probation: Rethinking the Structure of Probation Sentences
Accession Number

This is a great introduction to a new probation strategy which links “the duration of probation supervision to the optimal amount of intervention an offender needs in order to reduce risk of reoffense”.

This monograph “provides a policy and practice framework upon which this new model of

    document cover for Dosage Probation: A Prescription Based on Two Pilot Sites' Experiences
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    The dosage probation model suggests that the length of supervision should be determined by the number of hours of intervention necessary to reduce risk as opposed to a standard probation term, such as 3, 4, 5, etc., years. Dosage probation is designed to incentivize behavior change by providing an

      cover image National Survey of Criminal Justice Coordinating Councils
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      This publication presents findings from a national survey of criminal justice coordinating council (CJCC) directors and members. It is one of a series of publications aimed at enhancing the literature about CJCCs and highlighting their purpose and value in shaping local justice systems.

      The survey

        document cover for Veterans Treatment Courts: A Second Chance for Vets Who Have Lost Their Way
        Accession Number

        "This white paper is based on a series of interviews, buttressed by personal observations, of key players in half a dozen jurisdictions where Veterans Treatment Courts have been operating with marked success. Neither graphs nor charts nor a plethora of statistics are employed to illustrate the

          publication cover image for Law Enforcement Officers Respecting Service, Restoring Honor for Vets in Crisis
          Accession Number

          This white paper is based on a series of interviews, buttressed by personal observations, of key players in several jurisdictions where law enforcement officers, Veteran Justice Outreach Specialists from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and community-based agency representatives

            Veterans Reentry Programming Cover
            Accession Number

            Supporting Transition to Civilian Life Across the Sequential Intercept Model

            They were veterans before they were incarcerated individuals. That is the sentiment and approach to veterans reentry of Sharon Kirkpatrick, member of the Washington Women Veterans Advisory Committee. Upon meeting with a

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