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The Causes and Effects of Workplace Incivility on Employees [Webinar]

This webinar is the first in a two-part series titled Promoting Civility in the Correctional Workplace.

Workplace incivility describes the subtle and obvious behaviors that are generally rude, discourteous, and suggesting of a lack of respect for others. When unchecked, incivility erodes an organization’s culture and adversely impacts the well-being of those who are the targets of uncivil behavior.

Workplace incivility needs to be challenged and talked about openly. Knowing the causes of incivility, its consequences, and how to promote civility in the workplace can help correctional leaders and employees build psychologically safe environments where everyone grows and thrives.

In this interactive webinar, we discuss how incivility both directly and indirectly affects the health of an organization. We do this specifically by focusing on the challenges that people who experience incivility face and the patterns that those who engage in uncivil behavior display. This training will emphasize the benefits of civility and the role that every correctional professional plays in addressing workplace incivility immediately. This learning experience will lay the foundation for the next webinar in the Promoting Civility series, which will introduce best practices for fostering civility in the correctional workplace.

Take Aways:

During this webinar, participants will learn:

  • The meanings of civility and incivility
  • Skills for identifying civil and uncivil behaviors in the workplace
  • How incivility, if left unchecked, has tangible negative outcomes that affect employee well-being, engagement, performance, and retention
  • How the benefits of civility always outweigh the costs, particularly in correctional settings

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Target Audience

Any employee of a federal, state, county, local, or indigenous correctional jurisdiction.


  • Dr. Rowlanda Cawthon
    Dean and Associate Professor, Northwest University and Managing Principle of Rowlanda Cawthon & Associates, LLC

    Dr. Cawthon served in the Washington State Department of Corrections for over 11 years before transitioning to higher education. Her corrections experience includes working as a classification counselor, community corrections officer, communications consultant, and correctional unit supervisor. Dr. Cawthon is a passionate leader who capitalized on her leadership experience in corrections and doctoral studies to understand the effects of organizational behavior on performance.

    As someone who has directly experienced incivility, she understands the potential of transformational leadership as a strategy and the value of collaborating with others to build civil workplaces. Dr. Cawthon earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership, and a Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership. She began her own consulting firm in May 2020 with the hope of empowering leaders and employees in government, non-profits, and for-profit organizations.

Who do I Contact for More Information?

  • Content Contact
    Christopher Smith
    Correctional Program Specialist, Prisons Division, NIC
  • Webinar Technical Contact
    Archie Weatherspoon
    Correctional Program Specialist, Academy Division, NIC

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