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The Leader’s Dilemma: How To Balance Two Important Needs [Webinar]

About this Event

Have you ever struggled to decide whether it is more important to support your people or your agency? On the one hand, you want to do the right thing to take care of those on the frontline, but you’ve also got to make sure that the work gets done. Most supervisors, managers, and executives have encountered this dilemma.

In fact, it’s a commonly mentioned concern in management training classes. In this webinar, Dr. Ed Sherman will discuss the balance between productivity and ensuring that employees have the assistance and resources that are necessary to function effectively. While sometimes considered as being in opposition to one another, these two needs can and should exist in a parallel, complimentary manner to produce the best possible outcomes, as will become evident during this training.

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Take Aways:

Achieve agency goals and objectives while concurrently supporting staff members to maximize cooperation, morale, and productivity.

  • Enhance methods of workplace communication and interaction
  • Identify and resolve concerns and issues before they escalate
  • Increase staff commitment, involvement, and participation

Target Audience

Any employee of a state, federal or local correctional jurisdiction.


  • Ed Sherman, Psy.D.,
    Principal Managing Partner, Sherman Consulting

    Dr. Ed Sherman is an organizational consultant, executive coach, and leadership development specialist. He received his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Alliant International University, California School of Professional Psychology in San Diego, and holds Master’s degrees in management and psychology. Dr. Sherman has 40 years of experience in public safety having served as a law enforcement officer, firefighter, and paramedic. He worked for many years in the law enforcement profession in San Diego in various assignments including serving as a Criminal Intelligence Supervisor for the California Department of Justice. Dr. Sherman has provided services to both public and private entities such as after action reviews, assessments, training, team building, and process improvement facilitation for staff at all levels.

Who Do I Contact for More Information?

  • Content Contact
    Belinda D. Stewart
    Correctional Program Specialist, Prison's Division, NIC
  • Webinar Technical Contact
    Leslie LeMaster
    Correctional Program Specialist, Academy Division, NIC

How Do I Participate Effectively In a WebEx Event Center Webinar? How Do I Get Ready?

To attend an NIC WebEx Event Center webinar, you need a hands-free telephone, headset or earbuds, and an internet-enabled computer. For optimum learning, be in a quiet place, free from distractions / interruptions, sight-and sound separated from others, where you can concentrate on what is happening during the webinar. A separate office space with a door to close is an ideal setting. Connect to the webinar audio bridge via a hands-free telephone, using earbuds / headset connected to your phone / cell phone so your hands are free to interact with your keyboard. Test your computer system compatibility prior to the webinar here This is a quick test, and we strongly encourage you do this prior to February 19, 2020. If your browser does not pass the test, contact Webex Technical Support at 1-877-669-1782 and tell them you will be attending an NIC webinar on NIC's Webex site at They can help you troubleshoot connectivity issues. NIC recommends consulting with agency / Local IT, as you may encounter pop-up blocking and/or firewall issues that block the NIC Webex webinar url. NIC WebEx webinar sessions are not compatible with smartphones. NIC recommends you connect to the webinar session on a desktop computer, laptop, or a tablet computer.

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