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Call for Abstracts 2023: Emerging Infectious Diseases

Call for Abstracts 2023: Emerging Infectious Diseases
Thematic Supplement
“Justice System Involvement, Infectious Diseases, and Public Health”


Emerging Infectious Diseases (EID) and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are inviting abstract submissions for a thematic supplement entitled “Justice System Involvement, Infectious Diseases, and Public Health,” with a target publication date in the fall of 2023.

Approximately 12 million people are held in a prison or a jail each year in the United States, and incarceration is associated with increased risk for numerous infectious diseases. However, there are significant gaps in the scientific literature related to incarceration and other forms of justice system involvement and infectious diseases. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for improved understanding of the infectious disease risks associated with incarceration to create a more equitable future.

Submissions should be scholarly in nature and offer a clear contribution to new scientific knowledge or public health practice. Submissions may examine data/public health surveillance, research, programs, and policy related to infectious diseases and intersecting public health issues among people who are incarcerated or otherwise justice-involved. Submissions should cover issues related to one or more of the following topics:

  • Infectious disease risks among people who are justice-involved
  • Infectious disease risks specific to youth who are justice-involved
  • Occupational infectious disease risks among staff or incarcerated people working in carceral settings
  • Infection prevention and control in correctional and detention facilities
  • Intersections of infectious diseases with other areas of public health concern related to people who are justice-involved
  • Public health interventions tailored for people who are justice-involved
  • Policy tools or interventions to improve the health of people who are justice-involved
  • Access to and delivery of health care in carceral settings(including prevention and continuity of care after release)
  • Health information exchange among correctional and detention facilities and with public health entities
  • Lessons learned from collaborations between public health entities and correctional or detention facilities
  • Examples of ways that health care and public health entities can support alternatives to incarceration or improve the conditions of confinement, related to infectious disease risk
  • Justice system involvement as a social determinant of health related to infectious disease risk and intersecting public health issues(both for people who are incarcerated and/or their families and communities)
  • Gaps in the infectious disease literature related to justice system involvement

If authors wish to suggest additional topics within the theme of infectious diseases and justice system involvement, please contact one of the Guest Editors before submission. (Contact information below.)

Abstract submissions are due no later than midnight on Monday, February 20, 2023. Submit abstracts via email to with “EID Justice System Supplement – Abstract” in the subject line. In the body of the email, indicate the intended article type (see eligible article types below)and the organizational affiliation of the author(s). Abstracts should not exceed 350 words and may be structured or un-structured.

All authors will receive acceptance decisions in early March 2023.

For abstracts that are accepted, authors will be invited to submit full manuscripts (due no later than Sunday, May 14, 2023), which will then undergo peer review. Supplement submissions will be held to the same peer-review standards as other submissions to EID.

Article types and examples

The types of articles eligible for inclusion in the supplement are listed below. For more details about specific article types and corresponding formatting and review criteria, see EID’s Instructions to Authors.

  • Research
  • Research letter
  • Dispatch
  • Perspectives
  • Policy or historical review
  • Synopsis
  • Commentary
  • Another Dimension


Please address questions about this call for abstracts to Liesl Hagan ( or Emily Mosites (, two of the supplement Guest Editors.

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