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Criminal Justice Coordinating Council Standards and Guidance

The criminal justice coordinating council (CJCC) is a mechanism for increasing communication among criminal justice stakeholders, such as law enforcement, court officials, social services agencies, and victim advocacy groups, by facilitating the sharing of information, data collection, and the setting of common goals. The
National Standards for Criminal Justice Coordinating Councils, and its companion document
Essential Elements: A Companion to the National Standards for Criminal Justice Coordinating Councils, give these working groups a framework for developing a formalized council structure and for managing their activities.

National Standards for Criminal Justice Coordinating Councils covers the following core elements of effective CJCCs:

  • Vision and mission
  • Bylaws
  • Membership
  • Officers
  • Executive committee
  • Standing committees and workgroups
  • Meetings
  • Decision-making
  • Strategic planning
  • Data and research
  • Community engagement and outreach
  • Administration
  • Support staff

Following each standard is related commentary with information about the standard’s purpose or helpful guidance for its implementation. Where applicable, the standards are cross referenced to facilitate one’s full understanding of how a standard informs part of a whole.

Essential Elements covers ten attributes of high-performing CJCCs, including 1) systemic focus, 2) participation, 3) leadership, 4) consensus building, 5) organized meetings, 6) committees and workgroups, 7) strategic planning, 8) data and research, 9) community engagement, and 10) director and staff.

Each essential element is described and a set of key factors is presented. The key factors are items that indicate the presence of an essential element, and they are drawn from the guiding principles of CJCCs and the national standards.

NIC has a growing collection of resources on forming and managing CJCCs. Visit NIC’s CJCC microsite for more information.

Front Cover - National Standards for Criminal Justice Coordinating Councils