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Gender Informed Practices in the Management of Women’s Prisons

Correctional senior level leaders face significant challenges regarding gender-informed facility operations, policy and procedure, and the development and implementation of evidence-based program and service needs of women. In the last ten years, the body of knowledge has also grown related to the profile of who the women are and what management strategies may need to be considered in an agency’s response to managing women offenders.

The 32-36 hour training is designed to assist senior managers and administrators of women's facilities in the operational management and correctional policy and practices that are impacted by gender differences. Participants will engage in learning activities that clarify gender differences while avoiding an over-identification of issues that may be common to male and female populations.

Operational concerns presented include: characteristics of women offenders, gender differences, institutional culture, staff training needs, inmates-staff conduct, cross-gender supervision, legal issues, and policy development: i.e. property, sick call, searches, visitation and classification.

NIC will select correctional state agencies to provide this program on site within their state with up to 30 participants

Interested agencies should contact Evelyn Bush, Corrections Program Specialist at