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NIC Celebrates Military Appreciation Month

The National Institute of Corrections (NIC) joins the country in celebrating National Military Appreciation Month. Many of you are veterans yourselves, and we are proud to acknowledge you and the many staff at NIC who have also served our country.

The NIC Justice-Involved Veterans initiative has been powered for many years by a combination of dedicated veteran and civilian staff working with federal, nonprofit, and community partners. Their work has led to the development of a variety of publications and other resources that help veterans find productive pathways out of the criminal justice system. Through these resources, staff working in jails, prisons, community corrections agencies, and the courts have readily available information that can help them connect justice-involved veterans to the medical care, benefits, programs, and housing they need to help them transition successfully back to the community with support to remain crime free.

Veterans Reentry Programming is one of the resources we developed that offer case studies of reentry programs being supported by courts and departments of correction around the country. The book also introduces the Sequential Intercept Model, which illustrates the continuum of touchpoints that veterans have as they work their way back to the community. Together, these resources highlight the fact that assistance for veterans cannot occur in a vacuum. In much the same way that an army of individuals must learn to work as one, so too, must we learn to collaborate with a variety of partners to offer veterans the help they deserve. 

NIC is honored to be able to provide the field with justice-involved veteran resources. Please visit our Justice-Involved Veterans webpage to access these and other resources, including audiobooks and videos, that you can use right now in your agency or jurisdiction.

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