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NIC Provides New Standards Framework for CJCCs

CJCC Essential Elements is a companion to the recently released National Standards for Criminal Justice Coordinating Councils. CJCCs are established bodies of key criminal justice, government, and community stakeholders that convene regularly to identify systemic challenges and work collaboratively to improve the local criminal justice system. National Standards for Criminal Justice Coordinating Councils and CJCC Essential Elements are two publications that outline the components of effective CJCCs and present a list of the key features found in most high-performing councils.

The national standards guide both existing and planned councils in the process of establishing a strong organizational structure complete with staff and operating procedures. With these guides, CJCCs have a framework by which they might improve the information sharing and decision-making capabilities of their council. Use of the standards will help councils address areas such as consensus building, strategic planning, research, community engagement, and leadership.

Visit NIC’s CJCC microsite for more information and related resources.

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