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Online Collection of International Corrections Resources

That’s not how we do things around here. Anyone who has worked in corrections for a while knows these words signal apprehension for learning about things that are new or trying new approaches that challenge the norm. Sometimes the tried and true is the best approach, but at other times, a new way of doing things can bring about breakthroughs in thinking. Understanding how colleagues in other parts of the country or even other parts of the world approach problems can lead to better decision making.

To facilitate the corrections field’s exchange of ideas from a broader array of influences, the National Institute of Corrections has developed a new online collection of resources focused on international topics in corrections. These resources are ideal for state and local agencies that want fresh ideas to solving age-old problems. While cultural differences will exist, many ideas can be adapted for use with American justice-involved populations. Additionally, it may help professionals in the field develop a new cultural perspective for managing foreign individuals and international populations.

Currently, the collection points visitors to what may be some of the corrections field's most pressing issues. Specific topics include justice-involved women, prison and community corrections issues, organizational development, and international narcotics and law enforcement through links with the U.S. Department of State. The NIC Information Center also has made a number of e-books readily available through the collection.

New resources are being added to the collection regularly. Learn more on NIC's International Corrections webpage.

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