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Alabama's Justice Reinvestment Approach

"Faced with the most crowded prison system in the nation and overwhelmed probation and parole systems, state leaders in Alabama pursued justice reinvestment. After extensive analyses identified key challenges in the state’s criminal justice system, policymakers developed a policy framework designed to reduce prison overcrowding and strengthen community-based supervision. Justice reinvestment legislation was enacted in May 2015 and is projected to avert $380 million in construction and operations cost by FY2021."

Sections of this brief include:

  • overview;
  • summary of justice reinvestment process-challenge, findings, and solutions;
  • summary of SB 67 policies to strengthen community-based supervision and to reduce recidivism, prioritize prison space for violent and dangerous offenders, and ensure supervision for everyone upon release from prison, and expand victim notification;
  • looking ahead;
  • sustainability policies;
  • and "Projected Impact of SB 67 on Alabama's Prison population" chart.