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Balancing Fiscal Challenges, Performance-Based Budgeting and Public Safety: A Compilation of Panel Testimonies

This collection contains testimony regarding cost benefit and cost containment measures. Contents are:

Day 1. “Briefing on the Fiscal Costs of Corrections in the United States” by Mary Livers; “High Cost, Low Return” by Adam Gelb; “Outcome-Based Budgeting: Process and Practice” by Chris Innes; “Current State Fiscal Conditions & the Impact on Corrections” by Brian Sigritz; “Outcome-based Budgeting” by Karen Wilson; “Systems Approach to Cost Containment” by Theresa Lantz; “Cost-Effective Strategies for Meeting Policy Requirements and Legislative Mandates”--Testimony of F. Franklin Amanat and Presentation by Gary Mohr; “Reengineering Population Management”-Written Testimony by Michael Jacobson; “Projecting the Future of Corrections” by James Austin; Presentation by Ed Monahan; “Kentucky Pretrial Risk Assessment Instrument Validation” by James Austin, Roger Ocker, and Avi Bhati; “Criminal Law Reform: The First Year of HB 463” handout; and “Sheriff Stan Hilkey’s Remarks: An Evidence Based Decision Making Experience: Mesa County, Colorado.

Day 2. “Budgetary Approaches to Providing Services for Offender Health Care”-Testimony by Newton E. Kendig, and Testimony by Jim Degroot; “Reducing Medical Cost in a Correction System” by Joseph Ponte; Remarks from J. John Ashe; “Innovative Cost-Saving Strategies in Pharmaceutical Expenditures” by A. Martin Johnston; “Cost Containment: Opportunities for Continued Reform” by Bernard Warner; “Results First: Targeting Criminal Justice Resources at Programs that Work” by Gary VanLandingham; “Evidence Based Decision Making Initiative” by Madeline “Mimi” Carter; “Opportunity versus Obligations”-Testimony by Sandra Matheson and Testimony by Mindy Tarlow; and “Capability and Capacity: Understanding NIC’s Delivery of Services” by Jim Cosby.