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Children's Exposure to Violence and the Intersection Between Delinquency and Victimization

The use of the National Survey of Children’s Exposure to Violence (NatSCEV) to determine the point at which “victimization and delinquency converge or diverge among youth of different ages” is explained (p. 2).

Sections of this bulletin include:

  • defining delinquents, victims, and delinquent-victims in the NatSCEV-history of the survey, definition of victimized versus non victimized youth, definition of delinquent versus non-delinquent youth, categories of delinquent-victims, delinquent youth, and youth who are primarily victims;
  • findings by gender and typology group for delinquents, victims, and delinquent-victims-victimization and delinquency patterns among boys, among girls, and findings regarding other dimensions of adversity;
  • and implications for adolescent development and for intervention and delinquency-age onset of increasing risk for victimization and delinquency, increased risk of both delinquency and victimization for delinquent-victims, and timing of interventions to reduce victimization and delinquency.