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Criminal Justice Drug Abuse Treatment Studies (CJ-DATS)

“CJ-DATS (the national Criminal Justice Drug Abuse Treatment Studies) was created in 2002 with the goal of improving both the public health and public safety outcomes for substance abusing offenders leaving prison or jail and returning to the community by integrating substance abuse treatment into the criminal justice system.” Access points on this webpage are: CJ-DATS-II research centers; CJ-DATS-II studies-Medication-Assisted Treatment Implementation in Community Correctional Environments (MATICCE), HIV Services and Treatment Implementation in Corrections (HIV-STIC), and Assessment Organizational Process Improvement Intervention (OPII); CJ-DATS-I research centers; CJ-DATS-I studies-adolescent interventions; CJ-DATS-I studies-assessing offender problems; CJ-DATS-I studies-HIV and hepatitis risk reduction; CJ-DATS-I studies-linking criminal justice and drug abuse; CJ-DATS-I studies-measuring progress in treatment and recovery; CJ-DATS-I studies-understanding systems; and CJ-DATS bibliography.