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Curriculum: Investigating Allegations of Staff Sexual Misconduct with Offenders: Facilitator's Guide [Lesson Plans]

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“Investigating Allegations of Staff Sexual Misconduct with Offenders is a 36-hour educational program that addresses the complex issues in investigations of staff on offender sexual abuse in correctional settings ...

The objectives of the training are to ensure that participants are able to: 1. Review the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 (PREA) and identify its impact on investigations of staff sexual misconduct with persons under correctional supervision; 2. Understand a comprehensive approach to addressing and investigating allegations of staff sexual misconduct with offenders- - policy, training and operational practices; 3. Understand legal and investigative implications and strategies to responding to staff sexual misconduct with offenders; 4. Understand the role of the prosecutor and review the legal tools for prosecuting staff sexual misconduct with offenders-their content, importance and relevance to investigations; [and] 5. Demonstrate and model how integrated relationships between police, prosecutors, investigators, and correctional personnel can help to ensure successful investigations and convictions of staff sexual misconduct with persons under correctional supervision” (p. 11-12).

Sections contained in this curriculum are:

  • introduction;
  • training agenda;
  • teaching tips;
  • welcome,
  • introduction, and pre-test;
  • lesson plans-
    • Module 1 Training Objectives,
    • Module 2 The Prison Rape Elimination Act update and overview,
    • Module 3 State Laws and Investigations,
    • Module 4 Agency Culture,
    • Module 5 Action Planning,
    • Module 6 Training for Investigators in a Correctional Setting,
    • Module 7 Investigative Policy,
    • Module 8 Operational Practices,
    • Module 9 Investigative Techniques,
    • Module 10 DNA and Medical Health Care,
    • Module 11 Victimization and Mental Health Care,
    • Module 12 Media Strategies,
    • Module 13 Role of Prosecutors in Cases of Staff Sexual Misconduct,
    • Module 14 Human Resource Issues in Investigation of Staff, and
    • Module 15 Legal Liability and Investigations;
  • wrap up;
  • and an appendix including a sample pre-/post-test and a sample training evaluation.