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Developing and Implementing a PREA-Compliant Staffing Plan

"This paper identifies and explains the applicable PREA Standards and requirements, along with other influencing factors that impact a facility’s development, documentation and implementation of a PREA-compliant facility staffing plan. It is important to note that while current or traditional staffing models are helpful to a facility when developing the required staffing plan, these traditional models were developed prior to the passage of PREA. Therefore, they are not necessarily PREA-informed or constructed with a “lens” focused on sexual safety. Furthermore, traditional staffing models typically have not taken into account the significance of gender as an influencing factor" (p. 3). Sections of this Staffing Plan White Paper cover: what a PREA-compliant staffing plan requires-facility-specific PREA requirements, and influencing facility-specific factors; how to develop a staffing plan or improve the one that exists; who needs to be involved in the drafting or assessment of the facility staffing plan; considerations regarding facility-specific PREA requirements; other considerations-use of video monitoring, security staff ratios in juvenile facilities, trauma-informed approaches, and gender considerations in staffing plan development at adult female and juvenile girls' facilities; additional requirements under "supervision and monitoring"-staffing plan review, unannounced rounds, and heightened protections for vulnerable detainees; and how a staffing plan will be audited.