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The Employer-Driven Model and Toolkit: Strategies for Developing Employment Opportunities for Justice-Involved Individuals: Use Labor Market Information to Target High-Growth Occupations

"Using up-to-date labor market information is critical for identifying high-growth occupations, local and regional employment trends, and specific employers and industries that provide the best employment opportunities for justice-involved individuals. It also provides data essential for designing and implementing industry-recognized job training programs that help people develop the skills employers are seeking.

"The job market is constantly changing; occupations that are in demand today may offer little opportunity for employment or advancement in the years to come, and occupations that do not exist today may emerge as in-demand occupations in the near future, so labor market information must be updated constantly.

"The U.S. Department of Labor provides a wealth of information that can be used to assist you in helping others identify high-growth occupations and make informed career decisions. Given the vast amount of labor market information (LMI) available, job seekers will need assistance as they navigate their way through the career exploration process. This will require employment practitioners to be familiar with LMI resources and to know how to interpret the data" (p. 1).

This publication will explain how you can do this. Topics covered include: where employment specialists can obtain the Latest Labor Market Information (LMI); and effective practices.